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Dynamic, flexible, agile

Yes, we know these words mean more or less the same thing, we just can't stress enough the importance of being able and willing to evolve over time in light of the ever changing scale, technology and market of your business. An ever changing world creates a changing environment and business needs, and when it comes to your dynamic needs in a dynamic environment, Ultima is your dynamic solution.

Depleted your experts pool?
Hire internationally!

One major evolution in work environment created by an ever changing world is working from home. We see this as an opportunity to expand your experts pool by extending our network internationally, giving you more relevant prospects to choose from. An employer from Europe or the U.S. can now easily hire experts from East Asian countries, and vice versa! Sounds impossible? Not for us!

You ask for it, we provide it.

Make hiring a lot easier by utilizing our human capital resources. Don't worry yourself about where to start or what's the best way to look for the perfect professional match. Whether it be from the hi-tech, welfare, or industrial worlds, if you need them - we'll find them for you.
As skilled and experienced programmers and professionals in the hi-tech world are hard to find, we use our advanced network to help you reach out to the best suited experts.
Need doctors, nurses, caregivers, social workers, psychologists, or other service providers in welfare? Ultima is equipped with the tools to help you look for them.
If you're looking for engineers, architects, researchers, analysts, or other experts in the any industrial field, you've come to the right place. Ultima will find them for you.

Our clients are grateful for the results they get with Ultima.

  • Before we had Ultima on our side to help us recruit programmers, it’s just been a long and tiring race to find the people at the level we were looking for, which sometimes didn’t even work out at the end. Now all we need to do is sit back and relax as we receive excellent employees to match our requirements.
    —Camila Peña
    Responsable de Recursos Humanos (Fintech)
  • Working with Ultima’s team has been an absolute game changer for us! Thanks to the high quality personnel they helped us find and the structural advice we've received from them, we’ve managed to transition from a struggling business to a profitable and growing one.
    —Emma Velasco
    Cofundadora (Empresa de contabilidad)
  • We’ve been working with Ultima for almost two years now, and it has proven to be one of the most important assets for our company in terms of recruitment and more. We’re looking forward to continue working closely with Ultima for many more years of professional assistance and, frankly, just a peace of mind.

    —Esteban Mora
    Director Asociado (Ingeniería Civil)
  • When you’re a business looking to grow outside of your local market like us, you’re always searching in places hard to or out of reach. That’s why we have Ultima do all the work for us, saving us time and energy, and at the same time get beautiful results we could never achieve on our own.

    —Andrew Miller
    Director de Desarrollo Empresarial (Telecom)
  • As our potential candidate pool started to deplete, we almost gave up on having fresh talents join our ranks. Ultima helped us realize we don’t have to keep looking in the same places, and broadened our HR horizons by locating experts in other countries. We were saved thanks to Ultima’s unique hiring model!
    —Samantha Guerrero Martin
    Directora de Proyectos (Finanzas)