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What and who is Ultima

Ultima HR takes off your hands anything and everything with regard to finding the right employees for your business. We use a wide variety of tools and networks to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for, even outside the scope of what traditional HR companies have to offer. We take care of your HR needs, so that you could focus on what you do best!

Ever evolving, ever adjusting.

We don’t believe in compromise or concepts like “second best” and “almost right for the job”. That’s why when we say we’ll find the right employees for your business, we mean to take it to a whole new level with an expert pool of international proportions.
As the revolution of work environment created by an ever changing world makes companies and organizations work from home, we see the opportunity for our clients to expand their experts pool by hiring internationally. An employer from Europe or the U.S. can now easily hire experts from East Asian countries, and vice versa! This gives our clients more relevant prospects to choose from.

We Value people

Human Resources means dealing with humans, which is why we put people first, not only for their value, but also for their potential. We believe each person we come in contact with, be it an employer or employee, should get the same amount of respect. There’s a reason why “human” is the first word in HR.

A new kind of networking

One major principle in keeping up with the evolution of HR has always been flexibility. In a post-pandemic world where working from home has become the new standard for many, a revolutionary HR solution has emerged - remote hiring. Many businesses go global with Ultima to expand their HR resources.

Tailor made solutions

Every business’s needs are different. Ultima is with you every step of the way, providing expert advice and customized support so that you’re always ready for whatever lies ahead. Which explains why more small businesses trust Ultima with their HR and compliance needs than any other company.

Work with Ultima.

Use our unique set of tools and advanced global network to the advantage of your business.